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>Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 04:57:52 EST
>From: Marccorn2005 at aol.com
>Subject: FREE OS
>To: freebsd-questions at FreeBSD.org
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>hi FreeBSD,
>                Hi  My Names Mr Marc Harry Charles Corn,
>                I  am The CEO of _www.skyline2.co.uk_ 
>(http://www.skyline2.co.uk)  i am  e-mailing you on consern to your 
>                free  OS um i want to develop an OS aswell are you able to 
>give me instructions on how  to start an OS or even join Forces to make an OS 
>meny thanks from the Skyline2 Team

	It has come to my attention that the queue to "join forces" has yet to form.
Therefore, I shall put myself forward as Head Programmer And Person Who Does
Important Things With Eax and Ecx. That should bury 'em.... :>}


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