sk0: watchdog timeout

Hans Nieser hans at
Thu Dec 1 09:31:36 PST 2005

Ferdinand Haselbacher (jr.) wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2005 at 07:22:17PM -0500, Nicolas Blais wrote:
>>>That's great. But as I said, there's nothing I can configure on my
>>>switch's side.
>>Anyway, you and I aren't the only ones with the same problem, under the same 
>>circonstances.  My forcing of the TX/RX mode does speed up recovery, but 
>>doesn't fix the actual issue.
>>The driver has a bug somewhere.  Although I'm not talented enough in driver 
>>programming, but someone with skills could probably fix this.
> Maybe the driver has a bug somewhere, but i also think that this marvell
> chips have some design flaws, iam using one on my A8V and it 's giving me
> problems in WinXp (although i didn't use it for a while), Linux (seems to
> work better now in 2.6.14-mm1, but still connection losses) and freebsd too.

I can confirm that I got pretty much the same thing happening in Windows 
XP Professional SP2. There was a driver update for the Marvel Yukon NIC in 
Windows XP sometime ago which made it even worse and made the whole 
machine crash under heavy load (and my Windows XP is generally rock 
solid). I will be installing Gentoo soon and if it's still happening there 
with that skge (not sure if that's what it was called) driver, then I 
guess it's got to be something with the hardware.

It's a bit of a shame that my other on-board nvidia NIC (nforce 4 chipset) 
doesn't really work well with the nve driver either. Two on-board NICs and 
I still need to go out and buy a 'real' one ;(

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