Mounting a linux partition under freebsd

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Thu Dec 1 08:24:11 PST 2005

Guillaume R. wrote:

>I can't mount a linux partition under freebsd with the -t ext3fs
>option could someone explain me how I could mount a linux partition
>under freebsd?
[605] Thu 01.Dec.2005 10:21:55
[kadmin at archangel][~/scripts]
ls /sbin/mount*
/sbin/mount*           /sbin/mount_msdosfs*   /sbin/mount_procfs*
/sbin/mount_cd9660*    /sbin/mount_nfs*       /sbin/mount_reiserfs*
/sbin/mount_devfs*     /sbin/mount_nfs4*      /sbin/mount_smbfs*
/sbin/mount_ext2fs*    /sbin/mount_ntfs*      /sbin/mount_std*
/sbin/mount_fdescfs*   /sbin/mount_nullfs*    /sbin/mount_udf*
/sbin/mount_linprocfs* /sbin/mount_nwfs*      /sbin/mount_umapfs*
/sbin/mount_mfs*       /sbin/mount_portalfs*  /sbin/mount_unionfs*

I suppose it's because that option doesn't exist? ;-)  I'm not sure of
the state of ext3 support on FreeBSD.

>I got an other question: how could I obtain a human readable output of
>fdisk to know the content in terms of partition of my disk?

Have you looked at bsdlabel(8) ?


Kevin Kinsey

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