Update: Setting up VLAN interfaces with Cisco gear... getting traffic on broadcast only...

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>I hate to add to my own issue.
>I did some more playing and VLANs != 1 seem to work ok (typically in the 
>100-150 range). However, operating on VLAN 1 still seems to be an issue.
>	-B
> > All,
> > 	I've got three Catalyst 6500s configured in a switching domain via
> > fiber, with one "hub" 6500 connecting two remotes. Their port 
> > configurations are basically (the actual port number varies based on the
> > device).
> > 
> > interface Gigabit Ethernet 9/2
> > 	no ip address
> > 	switchport
> > 	switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
> > 	switchport mode trunk

If the nic is in 9/2 as shown above

> > 
> > ifconfig bge0 up media 1000baseTX mediaopt full-duplex
> > ifconfig vlan0 create vlan 1 vlandev bge0
> > ifconfig vlan0 netmask

leave bge0 media autoneg no ?

Also just assign to bge0, not vlan0 as I am guessing
thats your native VLAN no ?  

One other thing I have found is that make the interface name
consistent with the dot1q tag. It makes for less confusion when
looking at interfaces.

e.g. for vlan 532
ifconfig vlan532 create
ifconfig vlan532 vlan 532 vlandev bge0

> > 
> > 	Any suggestions to try before I bang my head against the wall?

What does 
ifconfig bge0
show ?

also, for debugging,
tcpdump -ei bge0
can help as it will show you encaps info.

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