FreeBSD clients for M$ Exchange

Emanuel Strobl Emanuel.strobl at
Mon Aug 22 12:35:34 GMT 2005

Am Montag, 22. August 2005 14:13 CEST schrieb Matthias Apitz:
> Hello together,
> In the future we will use an Exchange 2003 server because
> it provides groupware functionality for the clients (in most

My condolences. I had years of awful experiences with Exchange 5 and 5.5, 
but the absolutely worst thing I've ever seen is 2003. Fortunately I 
haven't had to do much with it, but there are lots of features wich aren't 
documented for regular adminitrators. Such simple things like redirecting 
undeliverable mail to a dedicated postbox instead of bouncing. Or using a 
smart host. The hidden GUI switch is officially the wrong way to do, but I 
couldn't find the right way. Just to mention some examples....

There are so many great IMAP implementations out there, if you need 
groupware functionality consider using IMAP based implementations (like 
evolution or kmail can use, olso Outlook would be able to use lots of 
funktions with simple IMAP servers, at least with cyrus ACL support) or 
have a look at more groupware oriented systems like kolab.
Just a advice. But most important, keep your staff away from outlook, the 
biggest worm sling which can do some things but not send correct E-Mails 
at all! And since That hasn't changed the last 7 years/5 versions why 
should one think it will ever improove?



> of the cases our co-workers are already using OutLook). I'll
> stay with FreeBSD or Linux and can read easy the mail folders
> with IMAP, using 'mutt' as MUA. Is there some client for
> FreeBSD providing groupware functionality, calendars, etc.?
> Thx in advance and pls do not comment on Exchange itself :-)
> 	Matthias
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