What is ata2 ?

Michael Hughes mdh at jcn.net
Sat Apr 30 06:47:00 PDT 2005

  The sounds cards IDE interface is not a standard IDE.  It is for
Creative's own CD-ROM drive.  The was a drive matcd that would work with
these drives, but I don't see it in the LINT config file.

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005 07:48:00 -0700 (PDT)
Rob <spamrefuse at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Joel wrote:
> >>For now, another, possibly silly, question:
> >>If this is indeed a multifunctional multimedia card,
> >>then does that mean I can connect another harddisk
> >>to this card, and it will be recognized as a
> >>harddisk on ata2 ?
> >
> > Very likely.
> >
> > However, if freeBSD does what some other OSses do
> > when it sees the added disk, you may find you need
> > to edit /etc/fstab .
> OK, I have opened the box and had a look at this
> ISA card. It's indeed a sound card, "Creative
> SB16/SB32". But it also has one IDE Interface
> connector, which apparently is the ata2 device.
> So, I thought, let's see how I get this ata2 to work.
> I disconnected the CDrom cable from the motherboard's
> IDE, and connected it to this soundcard.
> Nothing there at bootup; no mentioning of any
> CDrom in the kernel messages.
> (To be sure, I reconnected the cable the other way
> round to the card; same result).
> Does this ISA/IDE require some other additional
> tweaks to become operational? The OS is 5-Stable.
> ---
> Eventually I would like to achieve this:
> I have another, very old, PC with following
> configuration:
>   IDE/0 (on motherboard) master and slave harddisks
>   IDE/1 (on motherboard) -broken-
> I like to use this soundcard/IDE controller for
> adding a CDrom to this very old PC. The OS of this
> PC is 4-Stable.
> Thanks for your help!
> Rob.
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