PHP 4.3.11 core dumps

Mike Oliveri moliveri at
Fri Apr 29 10:44:28 PDT 2005

I recently upgraded to PHP 4.3.11 from Ports on my 4.9-RELEASE system,
and I'm suddenly having troubles running PHP. Whether we're talking a
web app or running from a command line, I get core dump errors.

su-2.05b# php -i
Bus error (core dumped)

And in /var/log/messages when accessing a PHP page, even one with just
phpinfo() in it:
Apr 29 12:41:31 jules /kernel: pid 28369 (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 10

I've seen the bus error/core dumps there too. Any ideas what could be
causing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Take care,

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