Problem ext2

Ash omniBSD at
Fri Apr 29 06:15:30 PDT 2005

Björn König wrote:
> pier wrote:
>> I need ext2 because i need to exchange very big files (dvd iso images)
>> with linux computers.
>> But everytime i try to copy a big file i receive this message:
>> cp: ./sarge-i386-1.iso: File too large

Do your Linux kernel your ext2 file system support large files (files 
over 2GB)? If not, you will have to boot into Debian and enable LFS 
(large file support) and add that feature to your ext2 partition.

> FreeBSD might only be able to deal with files smaller than 2 GiB on ext2 
> file systems. Use a program like lxsplit to cut the file into chunks 
> first, e.g.
>  lxsplit -s filename 1024M
> and join it later with
>  lxsplit -j filename.001
> Björn

Adding to Björn's advice, in case you don't with to use a port. The 
FreeBSD base system includes split(1), which will allow you split up 
binary files (with -b flag) and then join them with cat.

To split:

	split -b 1024b original.iso original.

To join:

	cat original.aa original.ab ... >> original.iso

Please note that this won't work for your particular case, if your 
Debian install does not support LFS.


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