Does FreeBSD work with "SB Live" and "GeForce"?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Thu Apr 28 18:32:04 PDT 2005

> 	Folks,
> 	I'm looking at doing a build-your-own desktop/tower system.
> 	It's an Intel 2.9GHz motherboard with builtin graphics and
> 	sound.  But to be on the safe side I just want stuff to 
> 	*work*.  So will to order a video and sound card.  cAn anybody
> 	tell me if FBSD-5.3 works with the SoundBlaster Live card and 
> 	the "GeForce MX4000 64M" card?  Since I can't fiddle with my
> 	hardware myself, I'd rather than everything just-works.
> 	...Rather than having to beg favors.

Did you check the FreeBSD web site hardware compatibility list?
There is one for each version of the OS that is released.

> 	Also, if anybody knows of a good online store, please let me
> 	know.  I found a website called "".  Am I
> 	tossing the dice? anybody dealt with this place?

Never done business with them.  They sure spam a lot which turns
me off.


> 	thankee,
> 	gary
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