5.8TB RAID5 SATA Array Questions - UPDATE

Tomas Quintero tomasq at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 16:05:36 PDT 2005

I am almost a bit curious why you didn't go with a Microsoft based
solution in a situation like this, where you are needing to provide
SMB based file sharing to obviously Windows client desktops.

Another solution would be to setup a dedicated NAS of some sort. But I
suppose it's too late for all of that.

On 4/25/05, Edgar Martinez <emartinez at crockettint.com> wrote:
> No flaming here, when dealing with projects this big, you cannot be bias
> obviously because generally it is someone else's time and money that is on
> the line. Thanks for the info, I didn't know the whole second array thing,
> that would explain some of the weirdness that I have been seeing.
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> > Any one else think they know of a better method??
> Well, I'm probably going to get totally flamed for this, but since you
> asked...
> The better method is to install Windows 2003 Server. Assemble your drives
> into 2TB or less RAID5 volumes (btw, you only want 1 per 3Ware card, more on
> that in a second) and use Windows 2003 to span those volumes. It'll show up
> as one drive after that. There is some limit, but I can't remember what it
> is. Its huge though.
> And in case you didn't know, 3Ware cards are only speed-optimized for the
> first array. Subsequent arrays on a card run painfully slow. They won't say
> it in any of their lit, but if you corner their support people, they'll
> admit it (it obvious if you try it).
> Sorry to mention M$ here, but it sounds like you invested incredible amounts
> of time, and even Windows 2003 can be cheaper than your time at some point.
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