mplayer/mplayer-plugin question

Mike Edenfield kutulu at
Sat Apr 23 16:07:04 PDT 2005

Danny Pansters wrote:

> Of course that is if people _WANT_ to do away with the X prefix, up until now 
> my impression was that most folks didn't mind it or even thought it was 
> better. I never really cared very much about it apart from aestetic [sp?] 
> reasons, but I can certainly imagine it being confusing to some (new) users. 

I have always historically liked having a /usr/local and 
/usr/X11R6.  If I converted a machine to headless, such as 
retiring a workstation into a backup MX or such,  rm -rf 
/usr/X11R6 was always clean and easy, and cleared up tons of 

Even now, it's annoying that KDE puts its stuff one place 
and GNOME puts it stuff somewhere else.  I'd rather have it 
all in /usr/X11R6 -- anything GUI related in one place that 
I can both mentally and physically segregate.

Having said all that, I admit this is mostly inertia from 
before decent packaging systems existed.  I'm used to 
immediately going into /usr/X11R6 to find the configuration 
data for my UI, but as mentioned, KDE's already screwing 
that up for me :)  And removing the GUI is as easy as 
pkg_delete -r imake*, so I think moving forward, there's no 
significant technical reason to keep a separate prefix.

-- Mike

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