Verizon EVDO - Broadcom a/b/g - Cisco VPN Client = how to in 5.3

Phil Schulz ph.schulz at
Fri Apr 22 06:16:52 PDT 2005

Dana Rawson wrote:
> 3. Cisco VPN client software installation - I have downloaded the
> Cisco VPN client from Cisco and also have seen the vpnc port in
> FreeBSD.  Would either one work to connect to a cisco device?  How
> would I incorporate my .pcf file into the installation/configuration?

  I did not know that there was a FreeBSD version for the Cisco client. 
If you downloaded the Linux version -- it won't work b/c it loads a 
kernel module and thus won't work under the Linux binary compatibility 
  The vpnc port works fine for me, although I don't know the model no. 
of the device I connect to. If there are any limitations on what models 
work with the port, I'm sure there is some information about it on the 
webpage of the tool.
  The .pcf file is human readable, you can easily extract all 
information you need to set up your tunnel. If you have the "GroupPwd" 
in encoded form, search the internet for a "decoder". I don't have the 
link at hand, but there definitely is a site where you can enter the 
hash and have it spit out the clear phrase.



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