Adding my CDRW device to k3b

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Apr 21 15:02:04 PDT 2005

Justin R. Pessa wrote:
> On Apr 20 06:54PM, Michael Collette wrote:
>> Before getting into the CDRW stuff, why K3B wouldn't run.  I would bet
>> that you're using an X Display Manager, like kdm, gdm, or even xdm. 
>> You can't just su into root and run stuff like that.  You need to
>> fully log out, then log into whatever wm you use as root.  When you do
>> that, k3b should come up just fine.
> I log into my system as root then launch kdm then log in as myself. What
> do you recommend I do, log into kdm as root? Is there any way to get k3b
> running under a normal user account?

Try making the dvd+rw-tools port install setuid-root.  I don't believe that 
K3B needs to be root, just the underlying software it calls to actually burn 
the image....


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