Problem linking MySQL 4.1.11 via FreeBSD 4.10 ports

Clifton Royston cliftonr at
Tue Apr 19 20:32:37 PDT 2005

On Tue, Apr 19, 2005 at 05:22:29PM -1000, Clifton Royston wrote:
>   ... so I can see that gcc 2.95 and gcc 3.3 would be handled quite
> differently by these conditional defines.  I am starting to think this
> might be a toolchain issue, where the ports have gotten out of sync
> with what the default build environment is for 4.1.
>   Can anyone please verify for me that the mysql40-server and/or
> mysql41-server ports actually *do* build under gcc 2.95.4 as installed
> on a fresh-out-of-box 4.x system?
>   I'd really rather not have to upgrade the compiler toolchain just to
> build this port.

  Oops, I hate to follow up to myself, but there were a couple rather 
confusing typos and wording problems in the last few paragraphs.  

  What I meant to say first, is that it seems to me this might be a
toolchain problem, in that the ports may not be specifying the *extra*
build requirements needed to build them starting from the default build
environment for FreeBSD 4.x? ( Not "for 4.1"!)

  And last, I meant to say I'd rather not upgrade the compiler unless
*necessary* to get MySQL running - I will if I have to.

  I have seen a number of people post about running MySQL on FreeBSD,
though, and I haven't seen any mention that it's now necessary to
upgrade GCC first, so I am still puzzled why I seem to be the only one
running into this.

  -- Clifton

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