msdosfs fat32 disk size limit in FreeBSD?

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Tue Apr 19 14:48:43 PDT 2005

Brian M. Kincaid wrote:

> Hello,
> Is there an upper limit to the size of a FAT32 file system in the 
> FreeBSD msdosfs code?
> I put in an 80GB drive recently and there have been problems. There is 
> no problem with small FAT32 file systems on floppies or flash memory 
> cards. Any useful comments before I go back to the (working) 60GB 
> drive configuration?
> Thanks,
> Brian

IANAE, but I think there is; IIRC, though, it's 128 GB unless you have
compiled "MSDOSFS_LARGE"* into your custom kernel, so I can't address
your problem with an 80GB disk....

What system are you on (`uname -a`)?

Kevin Kinsey

*Or something like that ... check release notes on 5.3,
again, that's if I recall correctly....

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