[freebsd-questions] Turn off monitor

Ivan Voras ivoras at fer.hr
Tue Apr 19 09:51:57 PDT 2005

Lowell Gilbert wrote:

> On the (syscons(4)) console, you can enable screen blanking as a
> screensaver in its own right.  You would load either the "green" or
> "apm" screen saver (available as kernel modules) and enable it with
> vidcontrol(1).  I don't think you can trigger it by hand.

I tried both (before posting the question) - green_saver just blanks the 
screen (doesn't turn it off), and apm_server misbehaves - just 'freezes' 
the screen without any other effect. I know turning it off works 
because, well, it works ok in Windows...

> Under X, of course, doing what you want it easy.

Turn the monitor off? How?

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