Can't build ports on older FreeBSD machine

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Tue Apr 19 08:41:58 PDT 2005

--On Monday, April 18, 2005 10:22:13 PM -0600 Brett Glass 
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> At 10:16 PM 4/18/2005, Kris Kennaway wrote:
>> The ports support policy is right there on for
>> all to read.
> It's not reasonable, IMHO. If a release hasn't been EOLed, ports should
> work on it.
That's kind of silly, don't you think?  As new software is developed and 
added to ports, why would there be *any* expectation that it would work on 
older releases?  Do you honestly think a developer is going to test - say - 
usb drivers on a FBSD release that never had usb?

You can keep old versions around forever if all you want to do is run 
what's on them, but if you want the latest and greatest of everything, the 
*OS* has to be new as well.

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