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Mon Apr 18 15:41:22 PDT 2005

> FreeBSD Culture
> We are four undergraduate students (1st year) who have chosen Organizational
> Culture and FreeBSD as the subject for our major written project. The
> underlying assumption for our project is that the FreeBSD community can be
> viewed and described within the framework of the theory for Organizational
> behavior and culture - that is; as a 'virtual' organization. To investigate
> and clarify this, we would like to confer with participants of the FreeBSD
> community who are well-informed of the how's and why's of FreeBSD. 

> The following non-exhausting list holds examples of questions we would like
> to clarify:

> - Does there exist myths, 'legends' and stories concerning FreeBSD, which
> are common knowledge in the community.
> - How does one get to be a member of '-core'? Or more accurately, how does a
> member advance in the FreeBSD community?
> - Is the language described in the 'jargon file' used and understood by all
> members of the community?
> - What motivates people to join the FreeBSD community and to contribute to
> the common course?
> - Is it possible to improve the structure of the FreeBSD community?

> We are not sure where to post questions like these - and if as a
> suitable forum for those kind of questions. Suggestions and thoughts about
> this will be much appreciated.

> All communication will be by mail, and all participants will be anonymous
> should the prefer so. 

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would seem to be a good starting point for finding some of thecore
members. Me myself is not that cersed in names that I would now if
some of the commiters and contributors hang around on this list but I
guess so.


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