how to make my RAID device WORM(write once and read many)

prasadam kumar prasadamkumar at
Sun Apr 17 22:41:26 PDT 2005


Thanks for responding to my query,
actually it is a raid5 storage device it contains
firewire and usb ports, through this
interface a user can store data to the  raid5 device
irrespective of file system.
once he copied data to the device it should be
immutable(i.e cannot be modify and delete).
Can u suggest any approach to achieve this task.


--- Александр Деревянко
<aeder at> wrote:
> prasadam kumar wrote:
> >hai,
> >
> >I am working Raid5 storage device and i want to
> make
> >my device WORM(write once and read many) and
> >undeleatable. I formated the target device in vfat,
> >when 
> >i am mounting the device in host machine it should 
> >behavie like WORM. To achive this feature whether i
> >have to change in host machine or target machine,
> >which one is better approach and plz tell me how to
> >achive this.
> >
> >bye
> >ppk
> >
> >
> >		
> >  
> >
> The first question is: for which purpose do you need
> this feature ? In 
> any case, you will need to have backup for this
>  From my point of view, it looks like some version
> control management 
> system. May be, it will be wiser to use it ?
> As i understand, you can't get this feature from
> plain filesystem. Even 
> if you hack vinum to allow write only once in every
> block, usual 
> filesystem will not work on such device. You can
> make something like 
> database with add-only interface (MySQL + some
> scripting) and allow 
> access from Web interface.
> Take a look on some SCM solutions, it may be what
> you want.
> -- 
> Best Regards,
> Alexander Derevianko
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