Which driver for SIS sound controller ?

Chris racerx at makeworld.com
Sun Apr 17 11:23:14 PDT 2005

edward wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have installed 5.3 release and KDE 3.3 on a NEC machine (i386) with an
> integrated sound chip. When I start KDE, i get the following error message :
> Sound server informational message:
> Error while initializing the sound driver:
> device /dev/dsp can't be opened (No such file or directory)
> The sound server will continue, using the null output device
> I assume I need to load a kernel module (handbook wise). The integrated
> sound chip on my motherboard is labeled "Silicon Integrated Systems (SIS)
> sound controller" and, under Linux, the driver is snd-intel8x0
> It doesn't seem to appear in the hardware compatibility list for 5.3
> release, although it seems to be a rather common component.
> Does anyone know which FreeBSD driver I should use and if I'm on the right
> track ?
> Thanks,
> Edward

Ha a look at /boot/defaults/loader.conf
Look for:  ###  Sound modules  ###

There you will find some things you might use.
Worse case, in /boot/loader.conf add this:


This will load ALL sound drivers - and ought to let you know if your
sound card will work. If so, you can then weed out the drivers that are
not needed until you have the one you need.

It's crude, but it starts you out.

Best regards,

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