how to make my RAID device WORM(write once and read many)

Александр Деревянко aeder at
Sat Apr 16 06:06:10 PDT 2005

prasadam kumar wrote:

>I am working Raid5 storage device and i want to make
>my device WORM(write once and read many) and
>undeleatable. I formated the target device in vfat,
>i am mounting the device in host machine it should 
>behavie like WORM. To achive this feature whether i 
>have to change in host machine or target machine,
>which one is better approach and plz tell me how to
>achive this.
The first question is: for which purpose do you need this feature ? In 
any case, you will need to have backup for this RAID.
 From my point of view, it looks like some version control management 
system. May be, it will be wiser to use it ?

As i understand, you can't get this feature from plain filesystem. Even 
if you hack vinum to allow write only once in every block, usual 
filesystem will not work on such device. You can make something like 
database with add-only interface (MySQL + some scripting) and allow 
access from Web interface.

Take a look on some SCM solutions, it may be what you want.

Best Regards,
Alexander Derevianko

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