lightweight bittorrent client that does queueing

Svein Halvor Halvorsen svein-freebsd-questions at
Fri Apr 15 02:47:44 PDT 2005

* Brian John [2005-04-14 21:32 -0500]
>  I am looking for a lightweight bittorrent client that does download queueing.
>  I know this is somewhat of a difficult thing to ask for, but I think it is
>  possible.  I've tried ctorrent, bittorrent and azureus.  Obviously ctorrent
>  and bittorrrent didn't work for me (because they don't do queueing).  Azureus
>  was great, except it slows down my entire computer.  Actually, a
>  console-based client that would do queueing would be ideal, but I don't think
>  one exists.  So what is the most lightweight client that I can get that will
>  do download queueing?

See net/rtorrent

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