Adaptec 1210SA

Danny Howard dannyman at
Thu Apr 14 15:09:02 PDT 2005

Daniel Martin-Fabiani wrote:

>I want to install latest version of FreeBsd in my box
>with two disks plugged into an Adaptec1210SA (Serial
>ATA) in order to have a mirror. I create the mirror at
>the Adaptec BIOS, but FreeBsd installation program
>doesn't notice about it and shows me only two devices
>where to install.

I do not know about your hardware, but nowadays it is pretty easy to set 
up a system-level disk mirror in FreeBSD itself.  Saves you the hassle 
of figuring out a way to monitor the the Adaptec stuff. :)

Check out gmirror.

I put a howto on my web site:

Good Luck.



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