AMD64 (former i386 convert)+ FreeBSD various issues in 5.3, 5.4 (pre+post install)

Edgar Martinez emartinez at
Wed Apr 13 12:31:11 PDT 2005

Yep first thing I assumed...ACPI was disabled...both in BIOS and via joy...UDMA fact..

PATA DISABLED (after install via CD)


If you cant tell, I have literally installed over a hundred FBSD boxes and
have encountered TONS of caveats...however this one has def got me
stumped..after the install, the system seems to be holding stable with the
BIOS INTERNAL/EXTERNAL cache disabled...its SLLLOOOWWW but stable...

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> All,
> I cant begin to tell you how horrible of a time I
> have had trying to get
> this system installed and running. Sysinstall kept
> throwing up a privilege
> fault kernel error randomly (7sed...4m.7m..etc), and
> after I go fast enough
> to get lucky to an install complete..the system then
> spends its time
> periodically rebooting.this is the first venture
> into AMD64 turf as I
> historically stick with any
> pointers.gotchas.tweaks or tips.. please
> let me know..I really don't want to give up, so I
> want to see what can be
> done to stabilize this.

 Unless someone else can vouch for that MB, it can be
a suspect as well. While AMD is good, not all MB's for
them are.

 Also ACPI can cause weird stuff like that too.
Perhaps try turning that off or try other settings in
the BIOS. I had that problem once. It actually did
then when ACPI was turned off in the bios. 

 Best of luck.


> MSI K8T Neo
> AMD64 3000 w/1MB
> Thanks!

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