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Tue Apr 12 16:29:12 PDT 2005

Thank you Jerry for responding.

In answer to your question; I used:
thinking I could join a newsgroup.
But found that for my needs, I would do better to join one or more of the
lists, which brought me here:
from the same page.

I hope this answered your question well enough. :)


>> Greetings,
>>  I was wondering how people are able to join any of the mailing lists.
>> A trip to:
> I am not sure how you got there.   You couldn't have looked very hard.
> If you go to the main FreeBSD home page, you will see a link (under the
> Support main heading) that says 'Mailing Lists'.   Click on this and
> go down the page a ways and you will see a section on How to Subscribe.
> Although it might be better to have that section and maybe even the one
> that explains about list charters above the list of lists, it still is
> not hard to find.
> ////jerry
>> reveals that one is able to Search or Browse the mailing lists. But what
>> puzzles me is how there are any mailing lists at all if one is not able
>> to *join* them so as to post to them. ;)
>> Please tell me where I can find the information I need to join one of
>> the
>> mailing lists.
>> Thank you for all your time and consideration in this matter.
>> Sincerely,
>>  Chris
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