Freebsd ICMP_BANDLIM and apache

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Mon Apr 11 13:31:39 PDT 2005

I am running 4.10 with apache and have ICMP_BANDLIM enabled in
sysctl.conf and I have no problems.  Look some where else for cause
of your problem.

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Subject: Freebsd ICMP_BANDLIM and apache

I was locking down a new install of FBSD 4.11 and i put

options   ICMP_BANDLIM

in my kernel. IN the past ive read that this can cause problems with
webserver if your running one.  Well go figure i locked the box down
and then
fired up apache and now no pages are viewable. Does infact
it so that NO pages can be viewed with a browser ?

Brent Bailey CCNA

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