Loading Samba Shares at Startup

Hexren me at hexren.net
Mon Apr 11 00:19:18 PDT 2005

>> hi there, not really sure if this is appropriate for this list, or if i should be sending it to the samba lists. i'll try here first.

>> i have a samba server which serves a few windows machines, and i also use it via sharity-light from my freebsd machine running 4.10 RELEASE. i have a script that loads my shares, and i put it in my
>> rc.d folder (i've taken out the user and password info):

>> #!/bin/sh
>> /usr/local/sbin/shlight //cessna/http /usr/home/iain/development/http/ -U * -u * -g wheel -f 775 -d 775 -P *
>> /usr/local/sbin/shlight //cessna/http_inertia /usr/home/iain/development/http_inertia/ -U * -u * -g wheel -f 775 -d 775 -P *
>> /usr/local/sbin/shlight //cessna/music /usr/home/iain/music -U * -u * -g wheel -f 775 -d 775 -P *
>> /usr/local/sbin/shlight //cessna/dools /usr/home/iain/dools_network -U * -u * -g wheel -f 775 -d 775 -P *

>> it runs fine when i start up freebsd, but when i login, i don't have access to the shares. so i put the call to the script inside my .tcshrc file, but this means that, even if i login remotely, and
>> every time i start a new konsole session or scp something, this script runs.

>> does anyone have any clues as to why it wouldn't have access to the shares after running this script from inside rc.d? i really only want it to run when the machine starts up, not every time i
>> login.

>> cheers

>> iain

> ---------------------------------------------

> I dont really know that programm, but guesing I would say the script
> runs at some time where some condition it needs is not fullfilled like
> maybe before networking is up. Maybe you should have the read up of
> the rc.d starting proccess that I need ;)

> Or you just leave it in you .tcshrc file and work with a lock file.
> Meaning when you run that script you do something like "
> if ![ -x ~/.smblock ]; then
>    touch ~/.smblock
>    (insert rest of your script)"

> Hexren


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