Firefox won't start

Fridtjof Busse fbusse at
Fri Apr 8 21:43:31 PDT 2005

* Mike Jeays <Mike.Jeays at>:
> > I just installed FreeBSD 5.4RC, everything works so fine.
> > Just firefox won't work (running xfce), neither the package nor the
> > port. I can only start it as root, under a normal user nothing
> > happens at all. /usr/X11R6/bin/firefox quits after a second and no
> > firefox. How can I fix this?
> > Thanks.
> At a guess, you may have created some configuration files owned by
> root the first time you started it.  Try hunting them down and
> deleting them, and start firefox from a user account again.

At first run, I tried to start firefox under the local user of course.
When that wouldn't work , I searched Google and found an old bug about
similiar behavior that suggested running firefox as root the first
time. Didn't help, so I'm stuck since it's uite some time I used

> Also try running firefox from a command line in an xterm, if you
> haven't already done so, and see if there are any helpful error
> messages.

I'm starting it from commandline. It doesn't print any errors and exits
after a second.
Under root, it starts and gives me debugging messages. 

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