beastie 5.X boot menu

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Thu Apr 7 19:41:34 PDT 2005

Theres a few ways to disable beastie, and sorry for the top posting:

Firstly, there was a large discussion about this started by someone
and it is on marc.theaimsgroup

I didn't feel like reading them all again, but the answer to your
problem IS in one of those.

The way to disable the beastie loader is:

in /boot/loader.conf set


On 07 Apr 2005 18:05:11 -0400, Lowell Gilbert
<freebsd-questions-local at> wrote:
> <bob at> writes:
> > The boot menu has changed between 4.x and 5.x releases. I have
> > searched the handbook and can not find any written documentation
> > about the new beastie boot options, what they are and when each one
> > is intended to be used. I see a lot of posts about the beastie
> > figure but nothing about what the options mean.  If it's written
> > somewhere can someone point me to it and if not can I get an
> > explanation?
> Seriously?
> Well, let's see.
> ACPI:  see "man acpi" for a start.
> Safe Mode: configures the system to avoid all possible hardware
>    compatibility problems, at a severe cost in performance.
> single user mode: see the Handbook.
> verbose logging: many informational messages will be logged (by the
>    kernel) to the console in the process of booting.
> Escape to loader prompt:  see "man loader".
> USB keyboard: take your computer to your nearest computer store and
>    ask them whether you have a USB keyboard or not.
> Generally, "default" will be the right answer unless you know you need
> something else.
> Good luck.
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