Freebsd Foundation and Java Binary Support/Licenses

Jeff Mohney mohneyj at
Thu Apr 7 10:08:49 PDT 2005

I have two questions:

1. When will the freebsdfoundation site be up and running again, it
appears that the sub-pages are still not avail and the website says:
 March 11, 2005 - temporarily unavailable
due to hardware failure.
Due to a hardware failure, the FreeBSD Foundation web site is
temporarily unavailable. The full site will be restored within a few

2. My understanding is that jdk/jre support in 5.x is only available
via linux emulation and or linux emulation to get a build to get to a
FBSD binary version - ick.

If I understood correctly 4.x has the binary version w/out all the
downloading from sun and what not.  I heard at one point that the
Foundation was renegotiating w/ sun so that 5.x could have the same -
Is there any news on this? (I would check the foundation site for it
but it is down as previously mentioned).

Many thanks in advance.

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