IPv6 ICMP multicast response

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Thu Apr 7 07:29:10 PDT 2005

"Martin Petraschek" <petraschek at ftw.at> writes:

> The section you are referencing in RFC 2463 is concerning ICMP 
> ERROR messages. Echo requests/responses are informational 
> messages, therefore this section does not apply.

Ah.  You're right; I was thinking about error handling because that's
the code I happened to be working with this morning.  I was looking at
the error handling code, as well, so when I said it was impossible I
may have been wrong also.  [The ICMP6_ECHO_REQUEST handling in
icmp6_input() doesn't do any special handling for multicast at all, so
I don't see why it doesn't Just Work.]

Sorry for not paying enough attention to the question.

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