Maintaining a Minimal Installation for a Small HDD

Iain Dooley iain_dooley at
Wed Apr 6 15:18:15 PDT 2005

hi lowell,

>The recommended path is to do a binary upgrade.  5.4 will be out in a
>few weeks, and release candidate builds are available now.

to what extent does building the sources on my machine affect the resulting 
binaries? to be more specific:

i read the freebsd handbook section on maintaining multiple systems from one 
'build machine'. if i were to allocate one of the machines on my network to 
build sources into binaries, say my HP PII, would those binaries be 
appropriate to install on my thinkpad? my understanding is that i could take 
a subset of those binaries and install them on my laptop, and then build the 
kernel from the thinkpad and this would work (assuming i got all the 
binaries right). is that correct?



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