vinum trouble on 5.3-Stable

Ean Kingston ean at
Tue Apr 5 11:19:43 PDT 2005

> I upgraded to 5.3 on one system a while ago. And
> when it boots up vinum panics the system on startup
> with this message:
> panic: unmount: dangling vnode
> I found that if I boot in single user mode and
> mount / to make it rw, then start vinum, everything
> is fine.
> I just patched the kernel for the sendfile bug so
> this has come up again.
> Is this an order of execution problem? Do I change when
> vinum is started? What the solution.

AFAIK the only current solution is to switch to gvinum. There are more
details about it in the archive.

> I'm happy (apart from this) with 5.x and plan to upgrade
> my main server to 5.x. Now that I got a good handle (I
> think on bind 9).

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