apcupsd with usb

Ing. Christian Sudec c.sudec at htlwrn.ac.at
Tue Apr 5 02:27:48 PDT 2005

Hi there,

a few months back there was already a question in this list regarding
usb support in apcupsd since afaik only usb with linux is still supported.
But there was a beta version named apcupsd-3.10.16-test2 which delivered
the functions I need. Sad but true the link was broken.

Has anyone a working (beta) version of this freebsd-apcupsd with usb-support?

When will be usb officialy supported? (And no, I can not workaround with serial,
since the 1U-server doesn't have any)

Thanks in advance

P.S.: Sorry for any inconveniences caused, if this is not the correct list.

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