Webmin - ssh - 4.11

Graham North graham.north at telus.net
Sun Apr 3 13:48:59 PDT 2005

I just installed Webmin - great program.

Q - the telnet/ssh portion does not seem to work properly.   It opens an 
ssh window for me but the window is unresponsive.
It is configured for ssh instead of telnet, and I have port 22 open on 
my router.   I am able to ssh into my server using Putty from Windows so 
my sshd is working fine.   Webmin  says that it has opened a connection 
but then just presents me with an unresponsive cursor, no prompts for 
username or password (maybe Wemin took care of that?)  no feedback or 
response to keystrokes.

Has anyone used this feature of Webmin ? had similar problems?  Resolved?

Extra note - this webmin only seems to have config options up to 4.10 -  
and therefore I entered that as the version number (for 4.11) - not 
sure  whether that would make a difference?

Vancouver, Canada
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