FreeBSD Tuning

Pedram M pmessri at
Sun Apr 3 03:12:15 PDT 2005

Yeah I read the tuning manpage,

Not enough, need more :)


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> On 2005-04-02 22:36, Pedram M <pmessri at> wrote:
> > Anyone can give me references or suggestions on what to do tune
> > FreeBSD for a heavily loaded mail server?
> >
> > Any suggestions for kernel tuning, sysctl tuning, network tuning,
> > etc.. will be helpful
> A good starting point would probably be the tuning(7) manpage.
> For performance tweaks specific to your particular MTA, a Google search
> is probably the best you can do.  Most of the time, the changes you can
> do to improve performance for MTAs apply (more or less) to all UNIX

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