Best Practice for Allowing non-root Users Access to Serial Port?

Martin McCormick martin at
Fri Apr 1 11:12:07 PST 2005

	My thanks to all who have responded with this and similar

Roland Smith writes:
>Making kermit users members of a group, and have that group own
>/dev/cuaa* with read/write privileges seems like a good idea.
>For instance, create a group "kermit" with 'pw groupadd kermit'. Then
>you can use devfs(8) to change the ownership and permissions of the
>relevant device: "devfs rule add path 'cuaa*' mode 0660 group
>kermit". This setting will not survive a reboot, so you'll have to add the
>following to /etc/devfs.rules: "add path 'cuaa*' mode 0660 group kermit".
>Now add the relevant users to the group kermit:
>'pw groupmod kermit -m foo,bar,baz'

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