Oracle 8i on FreeBSD 5.1

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Sun Oct 31 16:54:35 PST 2004

Jon Adams wrote:

> BTW: please do not tell me to try Oracle 9i, or that I should use 
> another version of FreeBSD, or something like that, I am locked in 
> this hardware and OS, so I need to get it to work with the current 
> setup as much as possible.
What about PostgreSQL? :-)
I had a hard enough time getting Oracle 9i2 installed and working with 
Redhat 7.3 for a Compiere ERP/CRM setup
Follow that guide and setup a test system using Redhat 7.x. Once you are 
comfortable with installing/setting up/running Oracle on this platform 
you can tranfer that knowledge into setting it up in Linux Compat Mode 
(which essentially is redhat 7.2) on FreeBSD. Thats the only advice I 
can offer.

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