Oracle 8i on FreeBSD 5.1

Jon Adams jkadams at
Sun Oct 31 13:32:45 PST 2004

Michael L. Squires wrote:

> Search the freebsd-messages mailing list, I think there is a web site 
> which discusses Oracle installations later than 7.x.
I am using a tutorial I found using this method, but this person's 
install didn't run into the bug which requires the glibc 
stubs, so it is rather unclear how to proceed.  I really would like to 
proceed with the install this way, the error seems to be something that 
can be fixed by a -L/compat/linux/lib somewhere.  I just cannot figure 
out where. 

> The other method I've seen discussed is to set up a LINUX box and 
> install on that onto an NFS mounted directory (which has the same 
> directory path
> on both the FreeBSD and LINUX boxes.
I  also have heard this, and it will be my last course of action, but I 
am really hoping to avoid doing it this way

> Installation of 9i and 10g are covered for various LINUX distributions on
> the site; the RH ES3 instructions work fine for at 
> least one RH ES3 clone, WhiteBox LINUX.  All the instructions I've 
> seen call for installing different versions of various things, such 
> the the libraries; apparently Oracle looks for very specific versions 
> during the install.
I have installed on Linux before, thanks for the information, as far as 
9i or 10g, as I said previously, unfortunately,  I am locked into  8i, 
it is the only version that will meet my needs.  My hardware is not 
strong enough for 9i, and it will be a while before I can upgrade the 
box to something that will run 9i nicely.  When I installed on the 2.4 
Linux kernel in the past, it was, to say the least difficult (a 4 day 
process of googling and tinkering).  I am somewhat shocked that noone 
has run into this in the past, and further why Oracle refuses to support 
FreeBSD natively (at least with the newer releases).

> I've never tried the installation under FreeBSD, postgreSQL is more than
> sufficient for me needs (since I don't need to run any Oracle-based
> clients).
Postgres is a very solid database, and I like it alot, but I pretty much 
need oracle's functionality as I will be replicating databases from 
another Oracle machine elsewhere.  I dont want to have to modify stored 
procedures and queries to handle differences in the RDBMS.

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