Troll (was: Development Resources)

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Fri Oct 29 05:39:51 PDT 2004

> In a message dated 10/28/04 6:42:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> jerrymc at writes:
> > Definition of a Moron:
> > 
> > "Someone with no sense of humor". :)
> >No, it is more like someone who wastes everyone's time with useless
> >junk just to irritate people.   Try doing some real work.
> Coming from a guy who didn't know what sendmail was a few days
> ago, thats pretty darn scary. What "real work" are you engaged in
> Jerry?

You must have me confused just like the rest of your stuff.
I didn't post any questions about sendmail.   Though I did tell
someone that sendmail is available on FreeBSD.

Since you are more interested in insulting people than knowing
what you are talking about I suggest you grab some sort of
holy book - possibly an early MS-DOS manual and stand out on
the street corner and do your chants.


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