shutdown(8): supposed to dismount all FSes?

Stefek Zaba s-freebsd-qns-oct04 at
Fri Oct 29 04:54:50 PDT 2004

Chuck Swiger wrote:

> ...I recall that there are some issues handling ext2fs filesystems 
> cleanly during the shutdown process, which tend to cause them to not be 
> unmounted properly.  It's considered a bug.
Thanks, Chuck. When I tried searching the PRs for this, I came up blank; 
but your reply caused me to search harder, and indeed this is a dup of 
'PR kern/56675: Syncer "giving up" on buffers and ext2 filesystems'
which is still Open, reported 10sep03. My experience suggests it's still 
a problem with 5.3-RC1.

Obviously, on a "production" FreeBSD system, this bug is of minor 
relevance, as you'll be running UFS throughouth. But for the 
multibooters among us, who are looking (say) to straddle the Linux and 
BSD worlds, being able to mount the "old" ext2/ext3 partitions routinely 
is a Good Thing in easing the transition; so for such users the bug is 
more important.

Still, I've no idea whether this is a relatively easy fix which just 
needs Motivation to address, or whether the ext2fs code is a "please 
don't make me go there" area!

Ta, Stefek

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