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>After looking at the FreeBSD website and looking at docs all over the place, 
>I havent found what I'm looking for, so I decided to mail this list.

>I am a software developer for Windows, and moving to FreeBSD has been very 
>nice, especially since the tools to make software are completly free! My 
>question is: Where can I find information on programming for FreeBSD? Things 
>like how it differs from Windows, what it can and can't do, how to develop 
>for X/KDE. I am good with C and C++, and know my way around gcc/make, but I 
>don't know about system and 'net API calls that are specific to FreeBSD, and 
>*NIX in general.

>If you can point me to a good website, that would help
>If you can point me to a (recent) book, that would be even better.
>Much thanks!
Listen pal, there's are reason this stuff is free; figure it out for yourself!


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