How to connect iBook to my BSD network

Bill Campbell freebsd at
Thu Oct 28 08:25:15 PDT 2004

On Thu, Oct 28, 2004, Henry Miller wrote:
>Most base stations have a DHCP server, but you need to turn it on.
>Read the docs on the base station, then log in and see.   I set my base
>station so that 192.168.1.n , where 128<n<256 is assigned by the BS,
>and the rest is reserved for static IPs.   I'm guessing that this bs
>has dhcp and NAT built in, because it has a modem port.  Even if it
>didn't though, most of them do.
>You can use FreeBSD to serve DHCP, but I don't know of any advantage to
>doing that.

One advantage of doing dhcp on FreeBSD or other Real System(tm) is that one
can map mac addresses to specific host names.  You also have considerably
more flexibility in specifying name servers, routes, etc.

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