Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Oct 27 07:52:53 PDT 2004

> I am looking at non Microsoft platforms for a mail server.
> Does FreeBSD have one in it ?

Yes, FreeBSd has about everything you would want and several
alternatives for each.   Sendmail is the long time workhorse of
the Email agents.   It gets some abuse because of its arcane
configuration syntax, but it works reliably and hasn't seen any
serious problem in quite a long while.   There are also several 
alternatives to sendmail available in the ports.  

In addition to Email, FreeBSD has support for every type of network
activity.   There are web servers, DNS, DHCP, Radius, etc, etc.

> I will also be looking at Linux.
> What is the differnce between FreeBSD and Linux?

Mostly, FreeBSD is more consistent throughout and its development
is better managed.   Thus it is a little more easily maintained,
somewhat more secure and a more comfortable platform to run as a server.

In terms of features, most often sited are FreeBSDs maintainability, 
security and ports system for 3rd party software and LINUX' heavier
use of GUI stuff (which I find, gets in the way of running a server).


> Kind regards
> Jaime Moss
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