Default router in a PPP conection was: [Re:]

Ming Zhang mingzhang2004 at
Tue Oct 26 08:23:09 PDT 2004

OK, everybody,
thank you very much! I have solved the problem.
The reason that my dns server doesn't work is that the pppoe server filters 
the udp packages away.And the seemly problem that the gateway for device 
and its own ip address are the same is not a problem actually, because the 
only way out for device is via the adsl line.

>From: Martin Paredes <mapsware at>
>To: Ming Zhang <mingzhang2004 at>, freebsd-questions at
>Subject: Default router in a PPP conection was: [Re:]
>Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 23:24:04 -0700
>On Saturday 16 October 2004 08:29, Ming Zhang wrote:
> > I want to know how to set the Default Gateway to be the pppoe server's 
> > Or it's impossible?
>add default HISADDR

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