some advice needed to considering to move my w2k machine into a freebsd workstation.

Jian Guang Xu jianguang.xu at
Tue Oct 26 13:31:55 PDT 2004

My current system follows:
AMD Athlon 1600+, 1 Gigabytes RAM, 40 Giga harddrive, GeForce 2 with
32 Mb, AC97 Onboard Audio Adaptor, D-Link DFE-538TX.

The system got follow applications:
W2K Workstation Professional runs very smooth right now.
Firefox 1.0 for most of the web surfing. IE occasionally but nessary
for some of the website I need to go to due to personally reason.
Thunderbird for me email and newsgroup reading.
VMWare to testing FreeBSD.
ACT! 2005 as a CRM software(personal organizor as well) but I'm trying
to move to a  internet application via
OpenOffice currently runs in my system with MS Office removed.
Acrobat 5.0 for form editing(Occasionally)
MusicMatch for online radio (all the time)
Realplayer for DVD/Movie(Occasionally)
I have online conference calls using MS Media Player Plugin which is
very important for me.
Zonealarm as my firewall, Norton Antirus.
I'm using a home network connected to Rogers High Speed via DHCP
protocol, another machine is a XP laptop.

My job is in Marketing field so I do need the system to be robust and
more productivity. At the same time, I have the dream to play OS
around and hack into the system at my spare time. To be honest, I'm
pretty happy with my current system with all the feature I specified.

Is there anybody could point out a way to play FreeBSD around and at
the same time, I could perform my job easily? As I said, I need the
Media Player plug in a lot, and any suggestion for a CRM software
under BSD would be much appreciated.

I gotta be very careful to change a system.

I thank you for reading my nonsense post and hoping that  if somebody
could give me some advice.


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