GPL vs BSD Licence

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Tue Oct 26 11:50:23 PDT 2004

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> Foundation, who is the copyright holder of the GPL license itself.
> In fact, the FSF advises authors to transfer copyright rights of their
> work to the FSF to avoid these problems.

>Ah, so your point is that people should transfer their copyrights to an
>organization dedicated to keeping the code free.  Well, maybe they 
should,>but that has nothing to do with which license is used.

I think they both have it wrong. If you want to donate your code to 
the general community, make it available with no restrictions. The
entire concept of "here, use my crappy code but don't make any
money off of it" is totally lame. If someone takes it and doesn't 
give away the changes it doesn't diminish the original contribution. 
Its still there. 

Finishing a product is what has value. Anyone can write code that does
this or that. Making it into something that someone is willing to pay 
for is what has value. And the more products that are available, the
better off the community is. Even if they're not free. You still have 
the choice of paying for it or not. And you still have the original
contribution to change as you please.

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