Serious investigations into UNIX and Windows

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> > There
> > are more people around that can administer MS systems than unix,
> Yes,
> > and it can
> > be done with a lower level of talent. .
> Having seen and dealing with the aftermath of networks owned by
> people that thought that, I have to state your out of your gourd.
> Windows today is just as complex as any UNIX system.  Sure, maybe
> a decade ago a peer-to-peer network of Windows systems your
> statement might have been true, but not today.

This type of discussion has been going around the world since Windows and
*Nix first clashed. Windows has a gui, *Nix by default on most OS's,
doesn't.  To configure Windows, you point here, click there, right click and
check properties here, add this information in the line provided. Click
apply and the program runs and yet there are those that feel it is more
complex than *Nix. I'll tell you what. You take any MS certified, high end
admin, that's never seen a *Nix OS and see how far he gets. Just tell him to
setup ftp with chroot environment, or bind, or heaven forbid Sendmail with
rbl, access, virtual aliasing, etc. If he's never seen it, it'll take him
forever. To those that live in the *Nix world, we can generally walk up to a
Windows DC and make it do what we want. Do you really think that MS was the
first to come up with MS Shares? What about AD User propogation to other
DC's? DNS? Or even Mail? Where do you think they got those ideas from?

Honestly, what makes you think that Windows is more complex in it's
administration than a *Nix system? It's common knowledge that Windows is
"easier" to manage. That's one of it's selling points and it always has
been. "Windows is now easier than ever, just point and click". Tell me how
many times have you heard someone say that about any *Nix OS currently

The human race as a whole, is always looking for something to make doing
something easier for them. That's what drives our desire to contstantly
design new technology.

o Man walked everywhere then he realized, riding a horse was faster and
easier than walking 3 hours.

o They designed a saddle for the horse because it was easier on the ass than
barebacking it.

o They designed a car because it was easier than riding a horse and thought
to be faster in it's infancy.

o Cars were made faster as the years went along because we wanted to get
there faster.

o The airplane was designed because people wanted to leave the ground and
fly to wherever they wanted to go.

o Helicopters were made because it's easier to land in a field with no
landing strip than to build the runway for a plane.

o Computers were made because people got headaches doing complex
calculations and wanted something that could do it for them and do it faster
as well.

and so on and so forth. The human race, as a whole, is lazy and always
looking for something to make their lives easier. In this day and age of
computer technology, MS provides that to us better than *Nix does. Yet,
there are those that are adamant that Windows is more complex than *Nix is.
How ironic.

> Ted


Micheal Patterson
Senior Communications Systems Engineer

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