First cvsup in sometime, and now I'm hosed

Brian Bobowski bbobowski at
Sun Oct 24 11:51:14 PDT 2004

John Adams wrote:

> Hi, folks,
>     I ran a cvsup against my supfile, then a portupgrade -a, and now 
> I'm hosed. For starts, ruby is complaining about an insecure version 
> of OpenSSL, and will not install, leaving me without, well, portupgrade.
>     What have I done to myself, and how do I recover? Is this, by 
> Hobson's choice, a good time to upgrade from 4.9? What should I 
> provide to help tell what's going on with my box?
> All the best,
>     John A

Other people have mentioned what needs to be done in future(reading 
/usr/*/UPDATING and portupgrade syntax). For now, you're probably going 
to need to get your hands dirty: go to OpenSSL in the ports tree, do a 
"make install" there, try again with Ruby... Basically, try to make the 
new version of portupgrade, and whenever it complains about a different 
port, go and fix it; you may need to do more than a few "make deinstall 
&& make reinstall" to deal with version changes.

Also, you could try pkg_add -r [portname] for some of these to cut down 
compile time at least until you can get portupgrade back.


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