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Sunday Oct 24th 11:00am * IMPORTANT HISTORICAL AUCTION *

Sunday, October 24th Auction: This auction will feature over 300 magnificent pieces of Fine Art Prints, Originals, Etchings, Engravings, and Lithographs. It also contains many fabulous Civil War Documents, and several Pottery and Framed Relics, that are 2000+ years old. Some of our featured listings are; STEFAN MARTIN SIGNED ORIGINAL PAINTING, HANS FOY, WPA ARTIST, RIVERA INTEREST, HOGARTH / HEATH RE-ISSUE ENGRAVING, BERNHARD D'ANDREA ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL PAINTING BY JAMES EARL RAY, ANTIQUE 1885 HISTORICAL LIBERTY QUILT,  EGYPTIAN USHABTI- SERVANTS OF AFTERLIFE bc 600, just to name a few. This auction also contains many fabulous pieces by Rick Rush, James Earl Ray, and many fantastic Artist Signed Serigraphs. The majority of the items in this auction have been professionally matted and framed. This is one of the finest collections of Fine Art that has ever come up for auction. Please be sure to check out our catalog, and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday October 24th, for
  this magnificent auction.

Civil War Documents, Early And Rare Prints, Holy Land Artifacts

Catbecca Is Proud To Offer This Magnificent And Unusual Collection.
Included In This Sale Are Over 40 Civil War Documents To Include Estate Inventories Of Slaves (names, ages, and values), Slave Purchase Documents, Court Papers Dealing With The Dissemination Of Slaves, And Several Letters From Soldiers.

There Will Also Be Over Three Hundred Fine Art Prints, Originals, Etchings, And Engravings; All Professionally Framed And Many With Authentication Documentation. Among These Will Be Magnificent Examples Of Incunabula (the first 50 years of printing before 1500 A.D.), Copper Plate Engravings From The 17th And 18th Centuries, Louis Icart “Revisited” Pastel And Etching Estamps Iris Giclee Prints On Rag Paper, Rare Parisian c.1539 Two Color Printed Leaf, Original James Earl Ray Painting And Love Letter, Original James Earl Ray Court Drawing, Bert Stern Marilyn Monroe Serigraph, Russ Westover Original Daddypops Cartoon Drawings, Lionel Barrymore Prints, Many Civil War Engravings And Prints, Salvador Dali Print, Several Engravings And Original Work By Stefan Martin, And Several Rick Rush Framed Sports Prints. (Too many other great works to mention here.)

Along With The Prints Are Several Shadow Boxed Artifacts To Include A Roman Bronze Arrowhead, An Egyptian Ushabti, Holy Land Clay Pottery, A Biblical Widow’s Mite Coin, A Bronze Coin Of Constantine The Great (307-337 A.D.), A Mesopotamian Pitcher, A Byzantine Bronze Cross, And A Bronze Manilla (slave trade currency, 1600 A.D.), Among Others.

BID EARLY for first bidder discount of 10% and bid on more than one lot to save on S/H/I and earn discounts up to 75% (new).

CatBecca.com Auctions

PS: CatBecca.com has landed an important estate reportedly worth in excess of $1.5 million with ties back to the princess of China.  Very rare Porcelain, Jade, Ivory, Glass Wear, Teak and Rosewood Furniture, and beautiful Chinese paintings and works of Chinese Art.  Many of these items came from the Palace in China before WW II. This, plus a breathtaking Tea set marked Arthur & Bond, Yokohama, Sterling. The silver comprising the service is from the same bullion crafted to form
the Liscum Bowl. This Tea service is heavily embossed with Fish swimming amidst waves and beautiful breakers.  Made on order for William Boyce Thompson in Yokohama, Japan and finished in 1900. Priceless!  Extremely rare - full set.

This is just a taste - look for this ( event ) in January of 2005. Simulcast from SC and China.  For this auction,  we will create a chinese version of CatBecca.com and link to the mainland in real time.

If you wish to have 4 color catalogs sent to you for this event - you can email us at maw at catbecca.net with your home address.

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